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SERGE has 2 jobs listed on their profile. Il est vivement recommandé de compresser le contenu de cette page Web à l'aide de GZIP, ce dernier pouvant enregistrer jusqu'à 2.53 Kb ou 85% de la taille originale. 17-18.). Thomas est amoureux Thomas in Love (2000) Hrají: Benoît Verhaert, Aylin Yay, Magali Pinglaut, Micheline Hardy, Frédéric Topart, Alexandre von Sivers, Serge … The possibility of what we could call a “dimensional translation” is also illustrated by the case (borderline, I fully admit), of Omnec Onec, a woman who claims to be Venusian origin. Notre système a également découvert que le codage revendiqué par la page principale est UTF-8. Il est fortement recommandé que tous les fichiers JavaScript soient compressés et minifiés, car ils permettent d’économiser 29.4 Kb à 28% de la taille originale. This contactee affirms the existence of an Intergalactic Confederation – George Hunt Williamson had already spoken of an “Interplanetary Confederation” in his 1956 book, Other Tongues-Other Flesh, and three years later in Road in the Sky, of a “Space Confederation” and even of a “Galactic Administration”. The first three books of Omnec Onec (67 years old in 2015) have been recently combined in a single volume, The Venusian Trilogy. Site officiel de Serge-Reiver Nazare : Développement Personnel et Expansion de conscience vers une vision élargie de la vie, de l'évolution et du Cosmos. Par exemple, l'ajout de l'extrait de code suivant au format HTML < head > tag aidera à représenter correctement cette page Web dans les réseaux sociaux: Partager ce rapport dans les médias sociaux. utilise l'adresse IP qui est actuellement partagée avec 4 autres domaines. In his talks and lectures, Serge Reiver Nazare explains that the subtle planes, for example, of Venus or Mars harbor “organized (human) civilizations, conscious and evolved”, which, just like us he adds, travel with “vehicles” and “create” in the artistic and technical domains. She left, she says, the “astral plane” of Venus to manifest on Earth in a physical body equivalent to that of a 7 year old child, and so to take the identity of the American Sheila Gibson who had died shortly before in an accident at that age. Emmanuel Swedenborg was the first person to have explicitly spoken of the existence of life forms of this kind. In spite of their androgynous appearance, it seemed to the witness that one was a man and the other a woman. Occasionally, the Earth is visited by beings coming from outside of the solar system. On the other hand, Michel Zirger (author) exchanged some letters with Menger revealing a very kind man, who had nothing to sell, and met his wife, Connie, and their daughter, Heidi, in 1995 in Washington D.C. It would thus seem that there is a technological process allowing us to modify to a certain extent the molecular structure of a body so it can adapt itself to a frequency or dimensional register slightly different from the physical level. He undoubtedly anticipated the notions of planetary “subtle planes”. This equipment changes the vibratory level of the ship so that it can manifest itself at the physical level of any planet (Joseph Whitfield, The Treasure of El Dorado). Sergej Lazarev - známý ruský spisovatel, duchovní léčitel a bioenergoterapeut. (The Secret of the Saucers, Amherst Press, 1955, p. 93). (Timothy Good, Alien Base, Century, London, 1998, p. 183). Indeed, numerous channels say they receive messages from extraterrestrial entities of a “multidimensional” type. 565 ms. Ressources chargées. He was so informed that they were human beings who, like us, “had progressed through the ranks” on one planet, then on others. And how do we assess the narrative by “Phylos” titled, A Dweller on Two Planets, written at the end of the nineteenth century or at the beginning of the twentieth, which tells of a visit by “astral journey” to the planet Venus and of the contact with its residents? Vers l'âge de 16 ans, Serge Nazare commence à recevoir intuitivement des informations sur la structure spirituelle et physique du cosmos. Editions, 2000, pp. The bodies of these beings are not perceptible with our physical eyes. Diagnostic incurable mais revenue guérie à la suite d'une NDE. View SERGE REVERCEZ’S profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Planetary Meditation (Tom Kenyon chant sacré ): This Sound Meditation was recorded live on April 5th, 2009, in Seattle, Washington during a worldwide Planetary Meditation where tens of thousands of persons around the world joined us for the common intent of sending earth benevolent intentions. Le site de Serge-Reiver MX preference = 100, Mail exchanger = However, they must not be confused with the angels, whose activities are different and complementary. Rozpoznal nejhlubší struktury duše ovlivňující náš osud a zdraví a dokázal, že pozitivní změnou v myšlení a v chování může člověk změnit svůj osud i své zdraví k lepšímu. Serge Reiver Nazare defines this Confederation as being composed of human beings who have reached a sufficient level of spiritual elevation and of technical progress in their evolution to serve as guides to other civilizations, and who, considering themselves to be elder brothers, help their younger brothers to face the same difficulties. Il est préférable de minimiser JavaScript pour améliorer les performances du site Web. L’utilisation de ce format de codage est la meilleure pratique car les visiteurs de la page principale du monde entier n’auront aucun problème avec la transcription des symboles. But they are “karmically” obliged to refrain from interfering in the Earth evolution or in the human life of the planet. Visitez maintenant pour voir le meilleur contenu Reiver actuel pour France et découvrez également ces faits intéressants que vous n'avez probablement jamais vus à propos de Popsal karmický mechanismus, který již byl v mnoha pramenech popisován, ale nebyl dosud nikým prozkoumán. This theme will be resumed and expanded by her followers, Charles Leadbeater, Annie Besant, and Alice A. Bailey, who will specify that these beings came from the etheric plane of the planet Venus about 18 million years ago. C’est la raison pour laquelle l’un des meilleurs moyens d’accélérer le temps de chargement de la page pour la majorité des utilisateurs est de déplacer le serveur en France ou à un rythme plus proche de la base d’utilisateurs. Dans un univers où une vie intelligente existe sous de multiples formes et dans une multitude de dimensions, Serge-Reiver Nazare explique que l’être humain doit aujourd’hui prendre conscience du pouvoir de son esprit sur la matière, sur sa planète, et sur son avenir. An example of such temporary alteration of the “dimensional vibration” is the spaceships which sometimes make themselves visible in the Earth atmosphere. Here is a piece of information which she claims to have received, during an out-of-body experience, inside a Venusian mother ship: “You could have come here with your physical body, all that would have been required would be to modify very slightly the vibratory level; but in any event you would have had to leave the latter here for the second part of the journey.”. One night, he was abruptly awakened by an inner voice telling him to go on the beach of the Mont Dore. Analyse de la vitesse de chargement de la page. Le manque de description Open Graph peut être contre-productif pour leur présence sur les réseaux sociaux, En tant que telle, cette description permet de convertir une page d'accueil de site Web (ou d'autres pages) en de beaux messages riches et bien structurés, lorsqu'elle est partagée sur Facebook et d'autres médias sociaux. Projet de Film Serge Reiver Nazare. Their purpose is to allow its inhabitants to evolve to a higher level of consciousness. Invited to enter the craft, he discovered that all inside was curved, a part of which was occupied by screens and devices. The voice repeated the sentence… He drove to get to the location situated about ten kilometers of this home. Even if no information is available to allow us to understand how this is achieved, the converging sources above authorize us to consider the existence of such a process which falls within the realm of an unknown “multidimensional” physics on Earth, without the need for crying, regarding certain contactee’s accounts, charlatanism or deliberate deceit on the part of “aliens”. Une longue distance peut avoir un impact négatif sur la vitesse du site Web, car il faut un certain temps pour que les données fassent la navette entre ces endroits. Lazarev. Serge-Reiver Nazare nous explique en quoi ces différentes dimensions abritent de la vie partout dans l'univers et autour de nous, comment l'Homme sur Terre a toujours été en contact avec l'univers, des premiers Hommes jusqu'à nous, en passant par la Grande Pyramide d'Egypte et la civilisation Atlante. Duane Packer. He approached and found himself in front of two human beings “of normal size and physical appearance, thin and well-built, with a delicate face, blue eyes and light brown shoulder-length hair”. As early as the mid-eighteenth century he made the first contribution by claiming to have conversed with “spirits” of inhabitants of planets of our solar system, which he stated, for instance, in his key work of 1758, Heaven and Hell. One of his sources, an Ascended Master, says: “Every planet in our solar system is inhabited by Human beings. Rusko bude soutěžit během druhého semifinále a po loňském neúspěchu chtějí mířit letos hodně vysoko.… Serge Nazare is on Facebook. En tant que Graphiste freelance, je vous accompagne dans la conception et la réalisation de votre projet, dans le respect de vos objectifs, pour créer une identité visuelle optimale et qui vous corresponde entièrement. They come also from outer systems to our solar system, such as Sirius, Vega, Alpha Centauri, Orion, Pleiades, etc.” (S. Reiver Nazare, Pelerin du cosmos, pp. If I mention this fairly controversial contactee, it is because his case was recently the object of a courageous and positive, “reappraisal” on behalf of the important Italian ufologist Stefano Breccia, the man who revealed the “Amicizia” case. La langue revendiquée dans la balise méta HTML doit correspondre à la langue réellement utilisée sur la page Web. You will receive an email alert if one or more of the authors you're following has a new release. Their look, in which he discerned “love, compassion and strength”, impressed him at the highest level and was “heartwarming”. Après avoir analysé le temps de chargement de pages, nous avons constaté que le premier temps de réponse était de 565 ms puis 4.24 sec, le chargement de toutes les ressources DOM et le rendu complet d'une page Web. Sophisticated on-board equipment allows the levels of vibration to be changed. Site officiel de Serge-Reiver Nazare : Développement Personnel et Expansion de conscience vers une vision élargie de la vie, de l'évolution et du Cosmos. The Secret Doctrine, her major work in several volumes, alludes to the coming on Earth of higher beings originating on Venus. They act as guides of evolution, for they went through it too. T, 15. detsember. He found himself laid out on a “dentist” type chair and lost consciousness… When he came to, one of the two beings specified to him that “he really was in need of it…” Then all three went to a seat “which was part of the curvature of the craft”. Once arrived, he saw two silhouettes lit by the luminescence of the moon. Some Servants of the Angels of the Lord (the Elohim of the past) supposedly have mentioned to the French channel Daniel Meurois the presence of life on planets uninhabited on the physical plane. 2° Úvodní stránka; Sergej N. Lazarev Články Dojmy z praxe Překonání pýchy a připrava na praxe Přijetí osudu 13.09.2020; Narozeninové videopřání Sergejovi Lazarevovi z … Sylvie Déthiollaz. Le graphique ci-dessus montre la différence entre la taille avant et après l'optimisation. They stood on the beach, in front of what could only be a space vehicle. Having sat there, one of them declared that they were going to answer some of his questions; the conversation was of a mental nature. They allegedly explained to him they came from “subtle planes of the planet Venus” and belonged to this Intergalactic Confederation, one with the particular mission to help the planetary civilizations which have difficulty in their evolution… Well before the Earth was inhabited, the Confederation had been at work to develop physical life there. Plus les fichiers CSS peuvent être chargés rapidement, plus une page peut être affichée a besoin que tous les fichiers CSS soient compressés et minifiés, car ils permettent d’économiser jusqu’à 26.72 Kb ou 26% de la taille originale. $8.49 . Beneficiezi de Livrare Rapidă! Création de site Internet à Carpentras - Vaucluse. Lazarev pentru promovarea și distribuirea operelor sale sub formă de Cărți, DVD-uri, CD-uri sau articole. One can find all the information concerning her on her site created by her German friend Anja Schafer: Should this last possibility be correct, then the accounts of the classic contactees of the 1950s who reported meeting “flesh and blood” human looking extraterrestrials who said that they come from within our solar system – such as, of course, George Adamski, but also, to quote a few others, Truman Bethurum, Howard Menger, or the lesser known Salvador Villanueva Medina, Reinhold O. Schmidt and Lee Crandall – could contain more than a grain of truth. As we see, the concept is not new. Bekijk het volledige profiel op LinkedIn om de connecties van Serge en vacatures bij vergelijkbare bedrijven te zien. Source vidéo originelle – Tistrya. Then came the Russian mystic Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) who, with Henry S. Olcott, founded the Theosophical Society. Both crew members proposed to him that they “regenerate” his body. $15.99 . Excerpt from The Incredible Life of George Hunt Williamson: Mystical Journey, Copyright 2020 - UNARIUS is a registered trademark owned by the Unarius Educational Foundation dba Unarius Academy of Science, The Many Dimensional Levels of Venus – Part II. Cet ouvrage est un recueil de messages qu'a reçu l'auteur en provenance de Gaïa, la conscience de la Terre, de la Nature, à travers la conscience d'arbres-guides, et de Pan, le responsable de l'évolution de la Nature sur Gaïa. He even claimed to have visited “astrally”, as would be said today, several exoplanets, which he details in another work of the same period, the Earths in Our Solar System and the Earths in the Starry Heavens – From Things Heard and Seen. The Pipe Masters. Plus les sites partagent la même adresse IP, plus la charge de travail du serveur hôte est élevée. Mon patronyme de naissance est : Serge Nazare. […] So long, too, will you depend on the telescope to reveal truths about other worlds; you will hunt for evidence of human life on the nearest planets, but you will never find any until you cease to expect that matter will reveal soul; […]. They originate from planets in our solar system but on vibratory planes higher than the Earth, thus still invisible to us and undetectable by our equipment whose conception and vibrations are too low. The contactee was also informed that the space visitors could “adapt the vibration” of their body, “therefore its structure”, in accordance with their activity, the plane where it is situated, the place and the type of action. Don’t be misled by the fact that this Human life has not yet been detected by third-dimensional scientific instruments of Earth.”. MX preference = 5, Mail exchanger = Le navigateur a envoyé 22 CSS, Javascripts, AJAX et demandes d'images afin de rendre complètement la page principale de Reiver. On pages 69-75 of Pilgrim of the Cosmos, Serge Reiver Nazare relates a physical contact he had in New Caledonia in the 1970s with space beings. L'optimisation de la taille de l'image peut aider à accélérer le temps de chargement d'un site Web. La minification des fichiers CSS est très importante pour réduire le temps de rendu des pages Web. Serge heeft 4 functies op zijn of haar profiel. Both figures stood always near the strange craft of about eight meters in diameter landed on the sand. S'ouvrir au channeling. Actually numerous psychic sources (obtained during channelings, out-of-body experiences and other astral projections) indicate the existence of populations on other planets of our solar system, but at dimensional or frequency levels different from the dense level of their planets. Oficiální webové stránky a e-shop Sergeje Nikolajeviče Lazareva pro ČR a SR. Články, videa a akce pro veřejnost. Ruská národní televize letos poslala do Eurovize velkou národní hvězdu. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5% de réduction . Abraham parle, Tome I. Esther Hicks. La description de graphique ouvert n’est pas détectée sur la page principale de Reiver. Here is an important element of the narrative: “This meeting at that time, was situated on a physical plane, although shifted all the same in relation to the matter, that is on a plane of accelerated frequency. Serge Reiver Nazare defines this Confederation as being composed of human beings who have reached a sufficient level of spiritual elevation and of technical progress in their evolution to serve as guides to other civilizations, and who, considering themselves to be elder brothers, help their younger brothers to face the same difficulties. You can view and manage by clicking to Manage Smashwords Alerts. The extraterrestrial source of Anne Givaudan specified to her, as mentioned above, that she could have come with her physical body by modifying “very slightly the vibratory level”, a “slightly modified” physical body thus allowing her to travel without leaving it. Tom Kenyon est musicothérapeuthe, musicien, chanteur, écrivain. You have subscribed to alerts for Serge-Reiver Nazare. MX preference = 1, Mail exchanger = Serge-Reiver Nazare montre que tout est conscience et vibration dans l’univers. Acesta este singurul site oficial din România autorizat de S.N. La France est le pays d'origine de 80% des visites. Notre navigateur a envoyé un total de 27 requêtes et 3 domaines pour charger tous les éléments sur la page principale.Nous avons constaté que 81% d’entre elles (22 demandes) étaient adressées au,15% (4 demandes) ont été faites à fonts.gstatic.comadn 15.% (1 demandes)ont été faites à’élément le moins réactif ou le plus lent qui a mis le plus de temps à charger (565 ms) concerne l’extérieur Site officiel de Serge-Reiver Nazare : Développement Personnel et Expansion de conscience vers une vision élargie de la vie, de l'évolution et du Cosmos. The technology of all the planets, except that of the Earth, allows their inhabitants to change or alter temporarily the dimension in which they manifest. The American channel Joseph Whitfield claimed to have been informed that even if our space probes detected no life on the other planets of the solar system, that civilizations exist there, and the human beings who compose them are generally more evolved than the earthlings. “The duration of such a vibrational change is always relatively short. Il nous explique par quelles pratiques quotidiennes nous pouvons augmenter notre vibration propre et nous ouvrir à d'autres réalités vivantes au-delà de la matière et dans l'univers. The ships lend themselves to this type of experience without it being necessary to leave the dense physical body which is yours.” (Anne Givaudan, Alliance S.O.I.S. A point would be reached where the craft and its occupants would be trapped in the lowest vibrations and incapable of leaving.”. Voyage aux confins de la conscience. The members of the Confederation work within the “universal Christic vibration” and participate in the establishment, in the organization and in the development of Life. Selon nos analyses, toutes les demandes sont déjà optimisées. A being repeats to her: “You could have made this journey with your physical body slightly modified by our care. Anne Givaudan was taken on a trip in a small shuttle which came out of a mother ship. Anita Moorjani. Serge-Reiver Nazare nous explique en quoi ces différentes dimensions abritent de la vie partout dans l’univers et autour de nous, comment l’Homme sur Terre a toujours été en contact avec l’univers, des premiers Hommes jusqu’à nous, en passant par la Grande Pyramide d’Egypte et la civilisation Atlante. La Place du Village. As far as Serge Reiver Nazare is concerned, he states that his extraterrestrial encounter was situated on a physical plane, although “shifted in relationship to matter”, in other words at a higher level of frequency, the space visitors being able to “adapt the vibration” of their body…, The source of another contactee whom we have not mentioned yet, Orfeo Angelucci, will specify that “it’s all a matter of the scale of vibration in which you are functioning, […]. Autres articles avec Serge-Reiver Nazare: – Éris – Le Conseil des Douze (2nde partie) sur Némésis – Terre Urantia Gaïa – Origines et Histoire de l’Humanité – Serge Reiver Nazare vient d’ouvrir son site ! Il existe une infinité de dimensions tout autour de nous, avec lesquelles nous sommes reliés. Seuls 5% des sites Web ont besoin de moins de ressources.Javascripts prend 105 Kb qui constitue la majorité du volume du site. It would be dangerous for the non-earthling inhabitants to stay too long in a vibration as low as that of the Earth. He heard a voice telling him not to be afraid, that they intended no harm and only wished to talk with him. Television. 2014062704 86400 3600 3600000 300, Vibration Virgo | développement personnel & expansion de conscience, VIBRATION | Écouter en ligne gratuitement, VIBRATION - 108 | Écouter en ligne gratuitement, 01dB | contributes to reducing noise and vibration, YUJ YOGA STUDIO – Union, vibration, transformation, Vibration Latina | Écouter en ligne gratuitement, La vibration au service du bien-être et de la santé, IAV Acoustics Vibration Engineering | Strategic Innovation | Switzerland, Tupaga Vibration - Groupe de Reggae Made in Marseille. Il est fortement recommandé de changer le serveur hôte ou de demander au fournisseur d'hébergement de donner une adresse IP différente (séparée) pour ce domaine. Voici la présentation de la raison d’être de ce tout nouveau et premier site par Serge : « Présentation de l’Animateur. Join Facebook to connect with Serge Nazare and others you may know. Première réponse. Descoperă și tu fascinanta lume a lui S.N. If you like, you can change the digest interval below. Sinon, peut être mal interprété par Google et d'autres moteurs de recherche. Serge-Reiver Nazare (Auteur) Offre spéciale carte Fnac+ -5% livres en retrait magasin.

Hospitality Report Côte D'ivoire 2019, Un Long Dimanche De Fiançailles, Estonie Visa En Ligne, Consulat Turc Bordeaux Rendez Vous, Olympique Lyonnais 1970,